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Don C. Gorin
PGA Director of Instruction
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The Swing Plane and Clubface

As an instructor of the golf swing, I believe that it is my responsibility to clear up one of golf's greatest mysteries. How does the golf swing work? What are the necessary fundamentals of a solid repeatable golf swing? A swing that is repeatable even under the most pressure filled situations?

In golf, the way you stand doesn't hit the ball. The way you grip the club doesn't hit the ball. The way you swing doesn't even hit the ball. The only thing that hits the ball is the golf club. The only thing that influences the collision of the club and the ball is the angle in which the club is swinging into the ball. This angle of approach is called the swing plane.

I feel that the golf club has to do two things when you are swinging it. It has to go up and down, and it has to go around your body. Typically, if the club doesn't go up enough during the back-swing, it won't come down enough during the forward-swing. On the other hand, if the club goes up too much during the back-swing, it will come down too much during the forward-swing. Conversely, the club also has to go around your body, so too much or not enough around with the golf club will also have a disastrous effect on the direction and trajectory of the shot.

In addition, the swing plane can also effect what the clubface is doing at impact. When your swing plane is too steep your arms will have a tendency to reverse rotate. This will have a tendency to open the club face. An open clubface will cause the shot to fly high and to the right. On the contrary, when your swing plane is too flat your arms will have a tendency to rotate too quickly. This will have a tendency to close the club face. A closed clubface will cause the shot to fly low and to the left. I hope this bit of information was helpful. However, these statements are just scratching the surface of the possible faults in someone's golf swing. Those faults are to a certain extent endless.

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